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ionia athletics

Ionia High School


ionia athletics

Ionia High School

ionia athletics

Ionia High School

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8 months ago @ 9:30PM

IMS Weekly Athletic Schedule 4/19-4/24

Middle School Weekly Athletic Schedule


It is unfortunate that we will not be able to complete our MS girls basketball season, as all indoor activities are on pause while we shift to virtual learning at IPS.

 It was great to see everyone at the parent meeting for MS Track Friday night!!!  Parents if you did not make it to the parent meeting, make sure you arrive at practice on Monday ready to review all the information covered and complete the necessary COVID documentation (Code of Conduct and Covid Consent see links below). 

Our first practice for EVERYONE (not just girls, EVERYONE) is Monday, April 19th from 3:00-5:00pm outside of Watt Auditorium. You will get Antigen tested BEFORE you are allowed to practice. It is best for parents to plan on waiting the 15 minutes for test results before leaving. We will be practicing at the middle school the entire first week of practice. 

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday @ 3!!!!!!!!!! 

COVID Consent

COVID Code of Conduct 

You can go to for results from all contests.

Per the Ionia County Health Department spectators are limited at all sporting events.  Some events may have a 4 guests per athlete limit while others will be based on facility capacity.   All spectators must continue to wear masks at all contests.

Due to limited spectators all IMS events are being treated like MHSAA tournament contests with no passes being accepted and all spectators will have to pay $3.00 to enter.  

IMS Weekly Athletic Schedule


4/19 MS Track Antigen Testing 3:00 pm Watt Auditorium



Ionia Public Schools requires all students to have a completed physical on file in the MS Principals Office before being able to participate/tryout.  All physicals must be completed (on or after April 15th) on a MHSAA Physical Form to comply with MHSAA regulations regarding student eligibility.  

Parents make sure all sections of the physical card listed below are completely filled in or IPS will not accept your students physical.

  1. Medical History
  2. Examiner Name and Signature 
  3. Emergency Information 
  4. Student/Parent Information 
  5. Consent Signatures (Student and Parent) 
  6. Insurance Statement and Signature 
  7. Medical Treatment Consent and Signature

MHSAA PHYSICAL EXAMINATION POLICY Students must have on file, in the school’s office, a physician’s statement for the current school year (on or after April 15), certifying that he/she is physically able to compete in athletic practices and contests. An assumption of risk and consent to participation signed by the student and parent or guardian as well as consent to disclosure of information otherwise protected by FERPA and HIPAA must also be on file prior to participation.


All parents/guardians and students must sign the Ionia Athletics Acknowledgement, Release, and Waiver and turn into the MS Principals office before they are allowed to participate/tryout.  Any families not willing to sign and complete the Ionia Public Schools Athletics Participation Risk Acknowledgement, Release, and Waiver of Liability Agreement will not be allowed to participate in sports for the 2020-21 school year.

IPS Athletic Department

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