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ionia athletics

Ionia High School


ionia athletics

Ionia High School

ionia athletics

Ionia High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

6 months ago

Ionia Varsity Volleyball beats both Williamston and Durand at last home game.

Game Date
Oct 29, 2020
: 3

Ionia Varsity Volleyball hosted its last home event in a Tri facing off both Williamston and Durand.  First match was against the Williamston Hornets. It was a good match up and exciting sets.   Williamston took the first set in a tight game 26-24.  But the Bulldogs rallied back and took the next 2 sets 25-20 and 25-19.  Tessa Griffith led the offense with 10 kills, Danika Fyan chalked up 9 and Jessa Swinehart added 7.  Swinehart also scored on 3 aces.

Next up after a very long break, was Durand.  The Bulldogs lost their momentum and gave the first set away 22-25.  They did come back and won the match by taking the next 2 sets 25-19 and 25-14.  Again Tess Griffith led the offense with 12 kills.  Griffith remained a solid threat all night in her new position on the outside.  

This was a special Senior Night for our one and only senior, Michaela Castle.  Michaela leads this team as one of the Captains.  To Michaela’s surprise, the  team arrived in specially made warm up shirts honoring their favorite senior.   

Total Stats:


Tess Griffith: 22

Danika Fyan:  15

Jessa Swinehart:  10

Brynn Reams:  5

Emma Scoby  5


Emma Scoby 6

Danika Fyan:  5

Tess Griffith:  4

Brynn Reams: 2


Michaela Castle  3

Jessa Swinehart 3

Danika Fyan  2

Paige Castillo  2

Kassidy Casilla 2

Nat Schafer 1

Casey Lopez  1


Michaela Castle 7

Paige Castillo: 6

GraceMarie Martinez:  5

Casey Lopez  5

Assists:  Kassidy Casillas 47


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