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ionia athletics

Ionia High School


ionia athletics

Ionia High School

ionia athletics

Ionia High School

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1 month ago @ 2:57PM

Summer Athletics and Activities Re-Opening June 8th


Ionia Public Schools

Protocols for Returning to Athletics and Activities


Ionia Public Schools will be following Governor Whitmer’s Executive order 2020-110 and the MHSAA Summer Guidance for reopening athletic activities and facilities. 


  • With Governor Whitmer’s ending of the Safer-at-Home order effective on June 1, member schools of the MHSAA may begin summer activities at school facilities as long as these two conditions are BOTH met:

  1. The school or school district has declared school facilities open to students and staff. 

  2. The academic school year (last day of online instruction/exams) has ended. 

Both of these conditions will have been met for Ionia Public Schools on Monday, June 8th and coaches will be able begin summer activities on that date.  To ensure everyone's safety the following protocols will be put in place. 

  • Activities: Only OUTDOOR activity may take place with 6 foot physical distancing. All INDOOR facilities including gyms, weight rooms, training centers, workout areas, wrestling rooms, bowling alleys, pools, and locker rooms will remain CLOSED. 

  • Facility Cleaning:  Adequate cleaning schedules will be created for all facilities.

  • Entrance/Exit Strategies: Will be put in place to keep students from gathering and staggered start times will be used. 

  • Limits on Gatherings:  We will follow outdoor gather limitations in the executive order and enforce the minimum 6 foot distancing between individuals.

  • Pre-Workout Screening: All coaches and students will be screened daily for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to participation.  

  • Face Coverings:  State, local guidelines, or school guidelines for cloth coverings will be strictly followed.

  • Hygiene Practices:  Hand sanitizer will be available and used periodically throughout workouts/practices. All students will need to supply their own water and water bottle. All students will be encouraged to go home and shower immediately after workouts end.

  • Facility Access: Locker rooms will not be made available and students should report in appropriate attire.  All indoor facilities will remain closed.

  • Physical Activity & Equipment:  Coaches will follow the MHSAA guidelines for what physical activities and equipment may be used.  All activities will be voluntary.

IPS Expectations for Students Return to Play

IPS Parent Expectations for Students Return to Play

Questions or concerns can be directed to head coaches of each sport or IPS District Athletic Director.  Athletic Directory

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